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Naturfal is not just an oinment, it is a family secret remmedy that has been passed on from generatin to generation. Back in the 19th century, in a small town of northern Spain (Falces), there was a healer who prepared an oinment he distributed in the surrounding areas helping many to overcome some of their health issues. It was in 1860 when the traditional healer announced he would go away and confessed the secret reicipe to my family, who was given de responsibility to keep on taking care of the peoples in the area by preparing and distributing the much cherrished ointment. Ever since, my family has carefully prepared Naturfal through time and generations.

Naturfal is an artisanal product made out of wild plants that we personally pick from the woods. The ointment is preservatives-free and side effects have never been described following its use, which has never been reported harming by anyone.

Naturfal has been used by many as a last resourse after trying all sorts of usuccessful synthetic medicines. So far, Naturfal has proved to improve the state or heal malaises such as fistulas, anal fissures, carbuncles, whitlows, ingrowing toenails, eczemas, skin rashes, underskin spikes or prikles, hemorroids, burnt skin, infected wounds, acne, blemishes and pimples, cracked hands and feet, or skin ulcersamongst others.